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New Generation of Permanent Makeup

Women with ombre powder brows
Women with ombre powder brows

New Generation of Permanent Makeup focuses on soft and subtle facial feature enhancements and corrective work using advanced techniques in hair simulation and shading, while still maintaining a natural-looking appearance.

Why do so many people love Permanent Makeup?

  • natural results that last 1-5 years, depending on pigmented area
  • defines shape
  • smudge-proof color

Our innovative techniques include:

  • Powdered effect
  • Powdered nano hair stroke
  • Soft shading

A high-quality permanent solution for those who want to wake up with a perfect look every day. No more:

  • Sparse brows: Creates the illusion of fuller and thicker eyebrows
  • Thin eyebrows: You do not have to suffer from a lack of eyebrows at all
  • Discolored lips: Restores color, covers discoloration in lips
  • Uneven eyes, lips, eyebrows: If you have uneven poor symmetry, a permanent makeup expert will create a design that will shape and balance your face
  • Drawing: Saves time in the morning
  • Patchy spots: Fills in sparse spots with pin-dot pigment application
  • Smudging: Doesn’t fade or smudge during the day

Permanent Makeup NYC, NY, NJ

Powder Brows for blonde woman
Powder brows for blonde woman

The world of permanent makeup is constantly improving with innovative pigmentation techniques and ideas to achieve more realistic long-lasting results. The popularity of permanent makeup and microblading in NYC is exploding. Every face is a work of art, each of the customers has their own skin type, skin tone, eyebrows, lips, and eye shape, also unique facial features.

Due to many advances in the professional permanent cosmetic industry, you can now wake up with natural-looking, water-proof, and smudge-proof makeup. Permanent eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner shading, and lip blushing can bring your face to life.

We also offer special services to color correct or remove pigments. Microshading is an advanced machine technique that is done with a very small needle that deposits soft, sheer layers of tiny pixels into the skin.

Best Permanent Makeup in NYC

Our goal at LongMakeup Permanent Makeup NYC is to give you the best permanent makeup services and to see your smiling face! We offer a variety of treatments tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s Permanent Ombre Powder Eyebrows, Powder Brows, Microshading Eyebrows, Lash Line Enhancement, or Lip Blush, we want to have you feeling beautiful and confident!

Women all over the world spend loads of money on makeup products and tools that will help them look flawless. This requires great makeup skills and rarely goes as planned. Time previously spent using makeup can now be spent on different things. Can you imagine the time you’d have back?

If you ever wished you could wake up with that no-makeup look, you need a more modern solution. With the best permanent makeup methods, we offer the client a pleasant treatment with:

  • little downtime
  • less pain
  • faster healing
  • great color retention
  • fewer touch-up sessions
  • less trauma to the skin

Permanent Makeup NYC

The demand for permanent makeup NYC services is greater than ever. Discover a permanent beauty secret to always looking and feeling gorgeous anywhere you go. We are changing the lives of our clients by offering a subtle change or a total transformation. We work with the latest professional permanent makeup machine and supplies. Using only “state of the art” permanent makeup devices from Contour Liner Duo by Long-Time-Liner made in Germany, Bellar by Microbeau made in the USA. We use the highest quality pigments for perfect & natural results.

Permanent Makeup in NYC

With permanent makeup in NYC, you could cut down to the basic everyday makeup routine. Get your confidence back by waking up with perfect-looking makeup. With our 2-3 hour procedure at Manhattan's New York City location, you invest in yourself. Custom treatments last 1-5 years. Permanent makeup made with this method looks very subtle, natural, and is a perfect base for daily makeup routines. We use top-class equipment with a medical certificate and the newest techniques of micro-pigmentation.

What is Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup (PMU) is a specialized cosmetic tattoo method that simulates conventional cosmetics to improve appearance, highlight natural beauty, or reproduce features that are not pronounced or have been lost due to aging, a medical condition, or scarring.

Semi-permanent makeup will help you look polished and beautiful at all times, it is a perfect base for daily makeup routines. The specialized techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as micro-pigmentation, derma pigmentation, microblading, micro stroking, micro feathering, and microshading.

Permanent makeup procedures, pigments, devices are much different from traditional body tattooing. In fact, fading does occur requiring periodic maintenance. All microblading and permanent makeup is a multisession process, meaning, touch-ups are necessary.

We start conservatively in the first session to provide natural results. At the second session, permanent makeup artists check healed results to fill in any spots that may have faded. This time we can go darker or thicker to ensure client satisfaction.

Permanent Makeup vs Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent or semi-permanent makeup is the only way to get perfect eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color all of the time. Many people ask about the difference between semi-permanent and permanent makeup. The answer is, they are essentially the same thing! The cosmetic implantation deposits colored pigment into the upper layers of the skin. The permanent makeup artist produces designs that resemble makeup on the eyebrows, lash line, and lips. Some Microblading Artists call it a semi-permanent procedure because they want clients to be aware that it fades within a couple of months or years.

Who Could Benefit From Permanent Makeup?

Whether you have asymmetric brows, thin lashes, undefined, pale lips, or simply want to save time on applying makeup, permanent makeup can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted! Permanent makeup is suitable for women and men, everyone can take advantage of this procedure.

Permanent makeup is great for people:

  • who lead an active lifestyle
  • who are allergic to regular makeup
  • with sparse, thinning, or over-tweezed eyebrows
  • with no eyebrows
  • with unruly eyebrows
  • with pale or fading lip lines
  • who have difficulty applying their makeup
  • who wear contact lenses
  • with thinning lash line
  • with Alopecia, Vitiligo, or Cancer survivors

How to Find Permanent Makeup Near Me

Are you in search of a new favorite permanent makeup salon? Unless you have had experience with permanent makeup already, you probably feel overwhelmed beginning your search. We offer a pre-consultation that covers what we can do for you.

If you aren't 100% sure about permanent makeup being the best suit for you or need some help choosing the look you will love. During the consultation, we will go over the actual permanent makeup process, what method or technique will be used, what to expect during and after the first session, and suggested shape & color choice. Contact us today so we can go over the full process of permanent makeup.

Who Should Not Get Permanent Makeup?

  • People with any kind of skin condition or disease
  • People who are extremely prone to post-inflammatory hypo/hyperpigmentation should not make use of this procedure
  • People with Viral Inflammation or Infection
  • Individuals who have used Botox or Fillers. It is recommended to get permanent makeup first. Another option would be to wait for 4-6 weeks after the injection procedure.
  • People who are in the process of chemotherapy
  • People on strong medications: steroids, antibiotics, blood thinners
  • People under the age of 18
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Individuals with a heart condition, a blood diseases, HIV, Hemophilia, Hepatitis
  • Clients with advanced Diabetes and Thyroid disease, eyeball disease

For individuals that have any uncertainty regarding their pre-existing conditions, or under the supervision of a physician, please consult with your doctor before booking an appointment and provide us with a doctor's note.

How Long Does it Last?

Procedures are conducted with completely disinfected and sterilized equipment and one-time use needle. The semi-permanent pigment is implanted into the dermal layers of the skin. Permanent makeup lasts anywhere from 1-5 years, depending on the pigmented area, individual's skin, aftercare, health, and lifestyle. Permanent makeup can be touched up to refresh, reshape, or replace with different colors, or left to fade.

How Much Downtime Will I Need?

Permanent makeup and microblading healing is an individual process for each client. Please allow yourself time to heal without applying makeup or sweating. You should expect a dark effect within hours of your treatment and it will continue to get darker for the next few days. The pigment oxidizes in the skin and you will notice scabbing. After the peeling process is over, the treated area will lighten. It is good to plan the treatment in advance, especially if you have some big events. Please give it at least 7-10 for outer healing.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Powder brows
Powder brows

Beautiful eyebrows are a major beauty trend at the moment. Find out all about different eyebrow shaping techniques, before having your eyebrows permanently done, and how to style your eyebrows with powder methods.

In the past, eyebrows were often tattooed in a single block of color, today we recreate the look of naturally powdered eyebrows. This is the most popular treatment around New York City because they make a person’s face! It is very rare to have perfectly shaped eyebrows usually, they grow irregularly forming gaps. While you may be familiar with the benefits of filling in your brows, there’s one eyebrow treatment you may be overlooking: permanent makeup for eyebrows.

The best powder techniques can take your brows from sparse to fuller-looking eyebrows. It can also be used to achieve the ombré powder eyebrow look with a gradient effect from the front to the end of your brows. With permanent make up it is possible to achieve nearly perfect arches.

Who is it good for?

  • clients with all skin types
  • clients with faded microblading
  • clients who need color correction
  • clients with a little eyebrow hair
  • clients with unruly brows

Permanent eyebrows are also known as digital microblading, micro stroking, micro feathering, and 3D permanent brows. We love the pin-dot-pigment application method and hair stroke technique (hair by hair) or a combination of both techniques (combo). Permanent Makeup Master will take into consideration your brow bone, color, and undertones of the skin. The brows are measured perfectly to provide a custom look.

Our eyebrows tattooing techniques:

  • Ombre Brows
  • Powder Brows
  • Microshading Brows

We believe in the machine method using a sterile cartridge with an ultrafine single nano needle because the up and down movement of the tattoo machine leaves undamaged skin, unlike manual microblading with a hand tool that creates incisions in the skin. Machine permanent makeup is a good alternative for all skin types, including; sensitive, fragile, mature, and oily skins. It allows a very fine control while shading, by building the layers of pigment, one dot at a time. It is also a better way to build up additional color with less trauma and less risk of scarring.

Permanent Makeup Lips

Peachy permanent lips
Peachy permanent lips

Have you noticed that your lips look thinner or that the color has faded? The lips can be injected with filler such as Juvaderm or Restylane to give a plumping effect, but this will not correct the problem of color loss. With permanent lips makeup, you can enjoy having perfect lips color throughout the whole day. We will choose the best color and shape. The results of lip tattoo NYC are very subtle and natural. Permanent lip color also looks much softer than lipstick because it is deposited beneath the top layer of your skin. Subtle correction can be made to asymmetrical and uneven lips. Permanent makeup lip correction could create fuller-looking lips and nicely balance crooked lips.

Our lips tattooing techniques:

Lip Blush Tattoo NYC is the next big trend, it complements the overall lip tone and gives color back to the lip border. This transparent lip tattoo technique is also popular among women that have naturally faint, pale lips and would like to look youthful and more alive.

Ombre Lips tattoo technique is essentially the graduation of color that gently evolves from light in the center part of your lips to dark around the edges. Ombre lips tattoo gives the illusion of fuller lips.

Notice before permanent makeup for lips:

If you are prone to cold sores or have had one in the past, as a preventative measure you will need to consult an antiviral prescription from your doctor before a lip procedure as a preventative measure. Physicians usually recommend taking the antiviral medication (Valtrex or similar) three days before the treatment and three days after the treatment.

Moisturize with lip balm: make sure your lips are well moisturized in the days leading to lip tattoo. Dry, cracked lips won’t heal nicely and you might lose more color.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Permanent makeup eyeliner
Permanent makeup eyeliner

Lash Line Enhancement involves pigmentation of an ultra-thin black line to create the illusion of fuller, darker lashes and adds definition to your eyes, without looking like obvious makeup.

Permanent makeup eyes can be applied in a variety of ways to help enhance the eyes. If you like having a line on the upper or lower lid, you should consider having it permanently. You could have smudge-free and more defined eyes. A subtle and natural or dramatic look can be achieved. As the skin ages, this skin naturally droops. Drooping eyeliner will age you. Permanent lash line enhancement will give you a "lash effect", to make your lashes appear thicker and darker without the risk of a drooping effect.

Eyeliner tattoo treatment is recommended especially for those who have difficulties applying eyeliner or are allergic to regular makeup. We can achieve any type of look from soft lines to a classic winged eyeliner.

Permanent brows lips eyeliner
Permanent brows lips eyeliner

Get Selfie-Ready Brows, Lips & Eyeliner