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Powder Brows

Powder brows
Powder brows
  • Starts at $650
  • Minimal pain
  • 3 Hour Service

What Is Powder Brows?

This method involves creating pixelated pigment dots that mimic powder-filled eyebrows without harsh fronts or outlines. Powdered Brows is a special permanent makeup shading technique that creates very soft and delicate eyebrows look to enhance the natural beauty of the client. It is a 100% customizable treatment for clients with every skin type or skin tone. Powder Brows technique is also very effective for cover-ups old faded permanent makeup tattoos and requires fewer touch-ups. Powder brows are a popular choice, especially for those who are looking for more definition and among the clients who previously had Microblading and are looking for longer-lasting results with less trauma to the skin.

Why do so many people love Powder Brows?

  • 100% customizable
  • It Covers Old faded PMU
  • Works for every skin type
Powder brows tattooing
Powder brows tattooing

Are Powder Brows Better Than Microblading?

Powder Brows are less painful than microblading due to the airbrush applying technique, we apply the pigment layer by layer.

Powder Brows technique uses a digital machine and provides more predictable results than manual Microblading.

Unlike traditional tattooing, this powder method is not in the deep layers of the skin, but more on its surface. Powder Brows are designed to fade.

Powder Brows work on every skin tone and skin type.

How Long Does Powder Brows Last?

A new set of Powder Brows takes two appointments to complete and for that reason your 6-8 weeks touchup appointment is complimentary. The color usually fades within 12-24 months. We recommend a color boost after a year. However, we do offer different touchup schedules because everyone experiences the fading process differently. It is a highly effective and affordable option for shaping eyebrows.

Pigment and machines have come a long way since solid brows tattoos years ago that everyone fears. Natural fading depends on external factors such as sun exposure, also individual factors such as skin type, age, metabolism (the gradual breakdown of pigments as your body metabolizes it out of your system), skin exfoliation, and lifestyle.

Powder Brows last for 12-24 months, depending on skin type, health, and lifestyle.

Pre-Appointment Instructions

60 days No eyebrows hair growth serums. Electrolysis and laser hair removal should not be done. Do not get a chemical peel or skin laser treatment.

30 days Do not get Botox injections

14 days No sun or tanning before the procedure

7 days Do not tweeze, wax, or dye brows before the procedure. Do not use harsh products, retinoids, and acids around eyebrows

48 hours Do not take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, Vit. E (unless medically necessary)

24 hours Do not drink alcohol and caffeine, Avoid sweating on the day of the procedure

How to Prepare Before Powder Brows

  • Choose the time wisely and make sure you will follow the aftercare accurately. Please allow time for healing before going on vacation or any special events.
  • On the day of the procedure please do not wear the best clothes because pigment might splatter on them.
  • Wash your hair since after the procedure you will be asked to keep the treated area dry.
  • If you are looking for a particular shape or color prepare pictures to show to your technician, remember to have realistic expectations.

Powder Brows Healing Process

1-7 days Darkest pigment.

7-14 days Pigment may lighten.

15-30 days The intensity of the color increases slightly.

30-60 days Touch up of the pigment.