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Before Permanent Eyeliner

Before permanent eyeliner tattoo
Before permanent eyeliner tattoo

We are all looking for the longest-lasting makeup that will stay for a whole day. If you like to wear eyeliner daily or looking for a procedure that could help define your eyes, you should consider getting your eyeliner permanently done.

Maybe you are tired of applying eyeliner every day or find it hard to draw it precisely and it quickly gets smudged during your busy day. This procedure is recommended for clients allergic to regular makeup and those who would like to take a break from lash extensions or combine both treatments. Because it is long-lasting makeup you should remember to choose a timeless style that you will like.

Lash line enhancement tattoo
Lash line enhancement tattoo

Most clients prefer to mimic the eyeliner they apply on daily basis. A thin line called lash enhancement will appear very natural, barely noticeable. It gives gorgeous enhancement to your lashes and eyes at every age.

The process of permanent makeup is similar to getting a regular body tattoo because the needle is used to deposit the ink into the skin. During the permanent makeup procedure, the pigment is implanted only into the first layers of the skin, that is why the longevity of the color will eventually fade. Regular tattoo ink is more concentrated and implanted deep in the skin, however, skin on eyelids is very thin and many times eyeliner stays forever. It fades over time and needs a color boost.

Use Of Medications

As a precaution before every permanent makeup procedure, if you take any medications, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. If you suffer any illnesses that affect the immune system and the ability to heal, you may not be an ideal candidate for this type of treatment.

Remove Lash Extensions

Remove lash extensions at least a few days before the procedure, to make sure there won't any interfere of glue with ink. Once the healing process is over, you can reapply lash extensions. Keep in mind it will be after the touch-up procedure. Since permanent makeup is a process, the second session is advised 4-8 weeks after the initial session.

Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure

You need to take them out before the treatment. Please be prepared to not wear them for a few days after the session, since your eyes will be swollen and tender. Remember to bring your glasses.

Do not tint or lift your lashes before the procedure

It is recommended to avoid lash lift and tint for about two weeks before the procedure, to avoid any allergic reactions.

Botox and eyelid surgery

If you are looking to have eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), you should definitely get it done before having an eyeliner tattoo, since it might change the position of the eyes. You should make sure you are fully healed before getting permanent eyeliner. Ask your doctor about the release after eyelid surgery, usually, it takes months before you will fully heal.

After getting a Botox injection you should wait at least four weeks for permanent makeup. Remember it is recommended to have permanent makeup before Botox injections since results of the pigmentation last longer than Botox.

Lash stimulating growth serums

Avoid lash enhancement products for at least 3-6 months prior to the procedure, because they might cause migration of the pigment.

Choose the time and date wisely

The procedure could last up to three hours, so plan accordingly. There is no downtime after the procedure, however, swelling is an individual thing. Usually, clients go back to their regular tasks, right after the procedure. It is important to not plan any cosmetic tattooing right before big events or vacations since you have to remember about healing time.

Eyeliner Tattoo Healing

It is advised to avoid sun exposure, sweating, and exercising for about a week. You may experience some scabbing as your eyeliner heals, do not pick it off. Any picking might results in pigment loss, discoloration or infection. Mostly healing takes about 7 days, but for clients, with thicker eyeliner, it might take up to 10 days.

No makeup after the procedure

Remember do not use any cosmetics around your eyes during healing and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes, so you don't spread germs or bacteria.

Schedule perfecting session

Expect to lose some pigment during healing. After the healing period (about 7-10 days), you may start using makeup to touch up any spots that may need it. Please clean and disinfect your makeup tools before using them. Those empty spots will be touch-up when you return for a complimentary follow-up visit after 4-8 weeks.