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Consultations Before Permanent Makeup

Before permanent makeup consultation
Before permanent makeup consultation

Consultation is the first step before any Permanent Makeup Procedure. Clients need to be prepared and informed about the process, risks, and aftercare.

All consultations are mandatory. If you book a full appointment, there is no need to book a separate consultation as each appointment begins with a consultation.

Consultation is mandatory before any first-time procedure, especially if you have had it by someone else.

The pre-care is very important to read through in order for you to be prepared and relaxed on the day of your appointment.

In general, avoid caffeine, drug/s, and drug-related products, and having any other cosmetic services done on your face prior to receiving your service.

1. Consent Form

Your medical history will be checked to assess your suitability for the treatment. You will be asked to read and fill in the consent form.

2. Skin Type Assessment

During 30-40 minutes of the consultation, your skin can be inspected up close. I assess your skin type and we will explain the permanent makeup process and advise what technique is good for your skin type. I talk you through the process the tools and equipment I use, and how I do the treatment.

3. Document and Photograph - before and after pictures

We will check what shape you like and how you normally do your makeup to get an idea of your style. We will chat with you about your desired result, whether you want a natural look or a more intense finish.

4. Shape and Color Proposal

During the interview, I'll work with you to customize your best look. Consultation includes measuring symmetry, shape proposal with pencil, and pigment choices. During this step, we'll ask you to smile, laugh, and make different facial expressions. We'll help you find the perfect color and shape just for your face.

5. Aftercare Explanation

You will get information about the permanent makeup healing process:

  • eyebrows
  • lips
  • eyeliner

Correction Of Old Tattoos

Many new clients ask to correct or refresh the permanent makeup that was applied by someone else. We do not always perform procedures to cover old permanent makeup.

In many cases, those corrections are challenging, because it involves unknowns like brand and composition of the pigments used by the original practitioner, color, shape, fading, your skin's natural pigmentation, length of time since the most recent application, and more.

Because of this, we cannot guarantee a specific result or determine how many removal or color correction sessions you might need. We can usually improve clients appearance.

We price this service as a new application if additional work is required we charge each visit like touch up according to standard touch up rates.