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Permanent color lips
Permanent color lips

Why do so many people love Lip Blush?

  • natural results that last 1-3 years
  • defines the shape
  • smudge-proof color

Enhancing your lip color with a natural-looking and long-lasting pigment is the latest trend. Meet lip blushing that corrects and refreshes lip color. This method gives fresh results without harsh lines, only a subtle blush of color. There are different styles and purposes of lip blushing from a very delicate and ultra-soft natural color from the nude palette to the lipstick effect. Tired of spending too much time lining and coloring your lips every day only to end up with mediocre results? All this work but still feeling insecure? Try lip blush and feel confident.

A high-quality solution for those who want a beautiful color that resembles a lip tint to a complete lipstick effect. No more:

  • Smudging: Smudge-proof effect
  • Uneven lips: Defines the shape and cupid bow
  • Drawing: gives luxurious lip color
  • Covering spots: Evens out spots on lips
  • Discolored lips: Color corrects darkness in lips. Restores color on pale and aging lips
  • Lips asymmetry: Gives an illusion of fullness and enhances the symmetry
Permanent lip tattoo
Permanent lip tattoo

Permanent Makeup Lips NYC, NY, NJ

Discover the newest semi-permanent lip tattoo treatment to enhance the natural shape of lips, symmetry and refresh the color by shading, delicate lining, and unique dotting (pixels) technique.

What is Lip Blush

Lip blushing is a unique shading and pixelating technique. Each shade is customized to match your lip color. The results are subtle, not saturated, and very natural. After getting lip blush, you can still wear lipsticks and lip colors to switch up your look. Lip blushing gives lips natural color without the lifetime commitment of a traditional tattoo.

Ombre lip tattoo
Ombre lip tattoo

What is Ombre Lips

Ombre Lips tattoo technique is essentially the graduation of color that gently evolves from light in the center part of your lips to dark around the edges. Ombre lips tattoo gives the illusion of fuller lips. Permanent makeup is much more effective for creating fuller-looking lips than cosmetic fillers or even Botox and lasts longer.

Dark lips tattoo
Dark lips tattoo

What is Dark Lips Correction

Melanin correction is a process. At the first dark lips color correction session, it is important to neutralize cool tones and lift the darkness of lips with a help of warm-based pigment and then work with red-based colors. Not every client is a candidate for this procedure, but for many, it is a life-changing experience.

Permanent makeup for lips

1. Consultation before lip blush

We will use a lip pencil to show you what your lips could look like if the color were added to the parts that have faded over time. Once you approve the proposed shape, the permanent color is applied to your lips. The color of your lips will generally be enhanced by one or two shades.

2. Lips tattooing procedure

Semi permanent lips
Semi permanent lips

3. Lip Blush Touch up

Lip blush takes two appointments to complete and for that reason your 6-8 weeks touchup appointment is complimentary.

Your questions answered

What is Lip Blushing?

The Lip Blush tattoo technique gives your lips definition and the illusion of fullness, that will last, unlike fillers. It delivers very natural lip color results, once healed. This service helps even out the tone of the lips and could help with lips asymmetry. If we look back at traditional permanent makeup artists who were using strong tattoo machines and synthetic pigments that were embedded deep in the skin. Permanent makeup for lips today is different, we use organic and inorganic pigments, also modern digital tools that are more gentle on the skin. That is why the results are much more natural and healing is faster. The permanent lip tint technique uses a machine with a small needle and requires soft work on the lips. The goal is to deposit the color very gently without creating too heavy of a lip liner appearance.

Lip Blush Colors

Pigments are available in many different shades. Every shade is customized to match your natural lip color. Artists can mix a few shades to achieve the perfect blend. It depends also on your preferences, some clients are looking for an ultra-natural outcome, while others choose lighter or darker pigments. The goal is to give lips life and a natural boost of color without being too dramatic. Pigment choice is important; any blue, purple, or brown undertones must be balanced with orange modifying pigments. The natural skin and lip tone have to be always considered and it might require few visits to achieve certain results. Darker and cooler lips might need more sessions to get the desired results.

How Long Does a Lip Tattoo Last?

Lip Blush stays for up to two years, usually the darker color you pick the longer it will be visible. If you don’t like the shade, it can be always adjusted after the healing process is over (4-8 weeks). It is recommended to refresh the color annually. Lip blushing can last even several years, it depends on your body’s metabolism, lifestyle, habits like smoking, and sun exposure. The use of exfoliating products can speed the fading process.

How Much Do Lip Tattoos Hurt?

Usually, a topical numbing cream is applied before and during the procedure to ensure comfort. You will feel some stippling or scratching sensation as the pigment is applied. Make sure your lips are moisturized before the treatment, this could help with the faster application and better-healed results. Cracked, chapped, and dry lips will not take pigment well and will not heal nicely.

How Long Does the Permanent Lips Treatment Take?

It is good to reserve 2-3 hours for this procedure, depending on your skin. A big part of the permanent lips color procedure is consultation, numbing, and pre-drawing to find the perfect shape. The time of service varies depending on how fast your skin takes the pigment and the look you are going for. The more we layer the pigment, the longer it takes.

Does Permanent Lip Tattoo Give Cold Sores?

Lip blushing
Lip blushing

People who tend to get cold sores or herpes might need to consult with the doctor taking preventive medication at least 3 days before and 3 days after the treatment. This procedure won’t give you a cold sore if you do not have the herpes virus in the system. Any treatment to lips that involves some level of trauma could increase the risk of outbreaks. It is a temporary side effect that can be prevented by taking preventive medicine like Valtrex or similar antiviral. However, there is no guarantee and if you get cold sores the pigment might not hold and another touch-up will be necessary for that spot.

What if I Want to Wear Different Colored Lipstick?

Permanent red lips
Permanent red lips

This procedure does not replace your lipstick, it gives a natural, blushy tint and life to your lips, especially during weekly work, at the gym, pool, or any other activities, plus it won't smudge like a regular lip gloss. Whenever you have a special event and you feel you want darker lipstick just go for it!

Lip blush colors
Lip blush colors

Get Lip Blushing, A "Tattoo" For Fuller Lips

Are you ready to enhance your lips with a permanent lip stain?