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What Is Cosmetic Tattoo Touch Up Really All About

Lip blush cosmetic tattoo
Lip blush cosmetic tattoo

Every permanent makeup procedure is a two-step process. In rare cases, it is multiple session process. During the 1st session, we are cautious with the color, fullness, and shape as we can always add more pigment layers on the 2nd session.

After the first procedure color fades up to 50%. Touch up procedure is very important and recommended to everybody. This maintenance will ensure the color is refreshed and we touch up any areas that may have faded during the healing process.

Is it good that scabs fall off?

The scabs will fall off on their own in the first week - that’s normal, it is important to let the process happen naturally. Picking at the scabs is forbidden. You will not only lose pigment that will require a more extensive touch-up but you can cause an infection and scarring.

What if the treated area looks patchy?

Permanent makeup aftercare
Permanent makeup aftercare

Your treated area might look patchy throughout the healing process. Not all parts of the scabs will fall off the same, so you get a patchy and uneven appearance. It is a normal part of the whole process. Every skin retains pigment differently.

What if the treated area looks faded?

It is normal for your treated area to fade. Most people retain about 70-80% of the color after their first appointment as long as they follow all of the aftercare instructions.

People who pick their scabs off or do not follow the aftercare instructions properly may only have a 40-50% retention. This means the touch-up will take much longer or you might need more visits.

The color fades at the end of the first week, after 4 weeks you will be able to see the final color.

What happens during a touch-up session?

During touchup sessions, we can work on details, alter the shape and color of your tattoo or decide to go with a bolder color. Sometimes we need to fill in sparse spots that didn't retain pigment as well as other parts during healing. We focus on areas that need to be corrected.

Checking clients healed results is important because we can observe skin healing ability and color. After analyzing healed cosmetic tattoo we can improve shape and color. Small adjustments many times are necessary to achieve the best results.

How often do you have to touch up permanent makeup?

Touchups will also add longevity to the life of your tattoo. A Touchup can be booked no sooner than 4 weeks after your last appointment. We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks.

For some clients, we can advise waiting longer for clients, like those who need melanin-rich lips correction for 8-12 weeks.

Many factors can affect the healed result like technique, machine, needle, pigment, aftercare, clients skin type, and health.


Periodic maintenance is required since pigment may fade with time. Annual touch up is a good opportunity to reevaluate design. You can discuss any color or shape changes with your technician. While the concept of permanent makeup seems to be a good idea it is designed to fade. Just think how your tastes have changed over time.