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Permanent Makeup Removal

Li-ft eyebrow tattoo removal
Li-ft eyebrow tattoo removal
  • natural ingredients
  • pigment lightning
  • effective on all skin types

Li-FT is tattooed over the area where pigment is to be removed. The skin will lightly scab and once healing is complete in 4 to 8 weeks, the original color will be much lighter.

Saline lightening solution combines the power of two fruit seed extracts for pigment removal.

Li-Ft FAQ - Saline lightening solution

Li-FT is a pigment lightening solution that safely facilitates the removal of unwanted pigment from the face and small areas of the body

No chemicals Li-FT is an all-natural Saline Pigment Removal Solution. Li-FT contains no chemicals and no acids.

USA-made Li-FT is made by Li Pigments. Li Pigments is a highly credentialed, inspected, and licensed cosmetics manufacturing lab located in New Jersey, USA. Li Pigments has been researching, developing, and formulating tattoo and permanent makeup lighting products for over 15 years and regarded as one of the industry's most experienced, ethical, and responsible manufacturers.

Hight quality Li-FT is formulated with the highest quality of natural ingredients, resulting in a skin-appropriate lightening product with an objective of minimum sessions for success.

Natural ingredients Li-FT Ingredients: Sterile Water, Sea Salt, Orange Flower Extract, Lemon Extract in Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Calendula Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

Safe Li-FT has undergone extensive testing from an outside independent lab for safety, purity, and quality. This amazing saline lightening solution has passed all tests with flying colors!

Permanent Eyebrows Removal NYC, NY, NJ

Eyebrows tattoo color correction
Eyebrows tattoo color correction

The Li-FT system is playing a key role in helping many people who have had bad microblading, permanent makeup, and body tattoos. When a laser is used for removal, all of the removed pigment is absorbed into the body but with saline removal, most of the pigment is lifted up through the surface of the skin.

What is Li-FT Saline Solution?

Eyebrows removal
Eyebrows removal

Li-FT is an exceptional product that has been getting incomparable results in the removal of pigment from the skin. This product can also be used on body tattoos. Li-FT is a unique remover solution for correction and lightning. It can lift out the unwanted pigment from the skin immediately, or even, years after.

It is important for the customer to understand that corrections require multiple services to get the best possible results. The client needs to know that it is only a pigment lightening service; the skin can never be replaced or returned to its natural state. The technique of pointillism requires holding the machine at a 90° angle straight up and applying pigment lightening solution to the skin. We use the same movements and pressure as during a permanent makeup procedure.

Everyone must have a consultation before booking a lightning or removal session.

Find about our 3 steps process to removal

1. What to expect during removal appointment

The processes begin with a bit of anesthetic to keep you comfortable.

2. Pigment lightening procedure

A permanent makeup expert will use the machine to tattoo solution into the skin. Usually, we do 3-4 passes. The treatment ends with a Li-Ft mask, that we put for 10 minutes.

Eyebrows tattoo saline solution removal
Eyebrows tattoo saline solution removal

3. Aftercare

You are provided topical anesthetic cream to be more comfortable. You are provided with aftercare instructions.

Your questions answered

How Does it Work

Li-FT contains finely milled sea salt, purified water, lemon seed extract, orange seed extract, and aloe. Depositing the saline solution into the skin breaks up the healed pigment. It is the beginning of lifting the pigment out of the skin. This process is called osmosis, where molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentration on each side of the membrane. During this process, the pigment is slowly pulled up to the surface of the skin. It heals into a scab and peels off. When the scabs start to fall off ink falls off, leaving a lightened tattoo.

How Many Sessions I Will Need

Results will vary depending on, but not limited to, the client's skin condition, health profile, the ability to heal well, the type and color of the pigment to be lightened, depth of pigment placement, the technique used

Microblading Removal

Removal of microbladed eyebrows is one of the most tricky procedures to reverse, because of the more aggressive pigment implant method and trauma caused by the cuts from the microblade. Not all clients who have had previous permanent makeup procedures are good to refresh clients. Sometimes their past color is too saturated to get them their desired look, whether it is softer, a different color, or just light hair strokes. A saturated brow will not hold color. For those clients, we recommend laser or remover solution, before any new eyebrows procedure.

How Does it Feel

In most cases, clients who have had facial area removal say they feel a burning sensation that goes away after several minutes. The additional anesthetic can be used if needed.

Do you have permanent makeup that you don’t love? Some clients may only need to lighten their tattoo enough to have a coverup tattoo.

Pigment lightening saline solution
Pigment lightening saline solution

Emergency removal can be done within 48hrs of your session