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The Unconventional Guide to Ombre Powder Eyebrows NYC, NY & NJ

Ombre powder eyebrows tattoo NYC
Ombre Powder Eyebrows tattoo NYC

There is currently a huge demand for natural-looking, full and youthful eyebrows. Powder eyebrows tattoo continues to gain popularity all over the world. Dermopigmentation today is not what it used to be, with advanced devices, education, and training available, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo treatment is reaching new standards. Ombre Powder Brows are a Thing. Say goodbye to sparse brows and get your eyebrows permanently on fleek. The great news is that this soft-shaded technique could be used for every client! This technique is suitable for every skin type regardless of age.

Eyebrows frame the face and are an important factor in how we express emotions, because of that this treatment can drastically change someone's look. People choose permanent makeup eyebrows for different reasons, some are unhappy with their natural eyebrows, don’t have a nicely defined shape, or find it hard to get them right by themselves. Others experience a lack of eyebrow hair due to health problems and simply would like to get their previous look. We also have clients with naturally full eyebrows who complain about sparse spots.

Are you tired of spending money on eyebrow products? Do you feel like eyebrows tinting fades fast and henna doesn’t give you long-term results or maybe you have oily skin and nothing works for you? We have good news - Ombre Brows works for every skin type.

Permanent makeup should always enhance the natural beauty of the client. It is important to find the perfect shape, color, and technique for the client. Choosing the right pigment color for eyebrows is integral to the outcome of the process. Permanent Makeup and Microblading Artists follow special training on color theory that gives expert advice on which color suits the best.

Ombre Powder Brows in NYC, New York & New Jersey

Ombre Brows are a Thing!

Ombre Powder Brows is a gentle, painless procedure that involves pin-dot pigment application. This airbrushed finish technique heals more quickly than microblading and recreates the regular makeup look. While ombre powder brows have a more “filled-in” look, the bulb and the top part of the eyebrows are transparent, after the healing process eyebrows appear much softer. You can personalize the density of your eyebrows depending on individual preferences. The final result after healing has to be ultra-natural, to feel comfortable without any makeup. Blonde clients are concerned that the final effect of permanent makeup might be too dark, so the color choice needs to be as natural as possible when it is healed.

Powder Brows is the New Microblading

Absolutely - Must Have!

Powder eyebrow nyc
Powder eyebrow nyc

This styling technique creates a soft shaded brow pencil look that gives definition and depth to the brows. Powder Brows are done using a permanent makeup machine. The Ombre Powder is less invasive than Microblading eyebrows with a hand tool. The Microblading technique creates incisions that mean more trauma to the skin. Micro cuts involve more bleeding than the ombre powder brows procedure. With the powder technique, there is no blood or minimal amounts on the skin surface. Powder Brows are less painful due to the airbrush applying technique, we apply the pigment layer by layer. Microblading involves a higher pain sensation.

Eyebrows on fleek

With Ombre Powder Eyebrows we don't create strong beginnings of the eyebrows, the harsh front will concentrate attention on the middle portion of the face. If a client complains about an uneven nose or sharp features, it would make it more visible. Begging should always be soft and delicate. Our goal is to balance the face with permanent makeup.

Are Powder Brows a Tattoo

Ombre Brows shading is a new eyebrows styling technique that uses a small permanent makeup machine to implement pin-dots of pigment into the skin that creates a soft brow pencil look. Powder Brows differs from traditional tattooing because the pigment application is not as deep as a normal tattoo, more on the surface of the skin. Ombre style means a powdery look with a faded front and crispier tail of the eyebrow. We don’t create visible lines and make sure pigment is not oversaturated for natural results.

Are Powder Brows Worth It

Powder Brows are the No. 1 technique all over the world because it is great for all skin types.

If you have very little to no brow hair at all, due to overplucking and tweezing or simply have a hard time shaping your bushy brows, having Ombre Brows service will save you time and help as a guide to filling in your brows.

You can personalize the look of your eyebrows, we can build up density and pigment saturation. Make them lighter or darker depending on preferences. Definitely with the Ombre technique we don’t want the brow to start as a solid mass. The process involves the blending of colors, the brows are made to look darker at the arch. This subtle color transition from front to the tails of the eyebrow adds depth and looks natural.

Benefits of Ombre Powder Brows

  • Ideal for all skin type requires fewer touch-up sessions
  • Less invasive than Microblading
  • Less pain and bleeding
  • Still looks natural
  • Smudge-proof

Powder Eyebrows Before and After

Before the Ombre Eyebrows procedure, precise eyebrows design is a must. The client has to accept the proposed shape. Eyebrows pre-drawing must be precise with visible borders. During the treatment clients feel the vibration from the machine, Permanent Makeup Master stretches the skin to assure even pigment application and keep clients comfortable. Many times there is no need to use numbing cream unless at some point the client feels uncomfortable. After the procedure eyebrows look sharp and intense. The color should fade 20-50%, there are many factors that might affect the healed results like:

  • Machine
  • Technique
  • Pigment
  • Skin
  • Aftercare
  • Health

What Does the First Treatment Include

Powder eyebrows shape design
Powder eyebrows shape design

STEP #1. consultation

Every treatment starts with a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the treatment. Please check the contradiction to the procedure. Master Artist explains what can and what can’t be achieved with permanent makeup.

STEP #2. eyebrows mapping & pre-drawing

It is good to bring pictures of eyebrows that you like and show how you usually like them. Artists might ask about your natural eyebrows shape if you lost them due to overplucking or health problems. The artist will create a frame around your eyebrows and show you the design. Once eyebrows measuring and shaping are accepted, it is time for microshading.

STEP #3. numbing & pigmentation

Many layers of pigment consist of a series of many fine dots that vary in concentration; this creates a beautiful effect on powdered brows. Topical numbing agents can be applied to make service more tolerable. Usually, the discomfort is very small.

What Happens After the First Session

At first, permanent makeup looks much darker, because the color stays in the outer layers of the skin, color softens within a few days after treatment as the upper layer of the skin begins to exfoliate. Powder brows scabbing depends on your aftercare and skin type. Once the scabbing is gone, your eyebrows will appear much lighter. Remember do not pick your eyebrows, this could result in infection or pigment loss.

How Long is The Healing Process After the First Touch Up

Eyebrow tattoo color fades within a few days of the healing process as the upper layers of the epidermis peel and is replaced by epidermal cells. Healing on the surface of the skin takes 7-10 days, full skin healing in deeper layers takes about 30 days.

Powder Ombre Brows Scabbing

Powder eyebrows scabbing while healing
Powder eyebrows scabbing while healing

Eyebrow scabbing is a normal reaction of the skin to the procedure, every client reacts differently. With the Powder Eyebrow technique usually scabbing is very little. It all depends on the client's skin type and pigmentation implementation depth. Each skin absorbs pigment differently. Proper aftercare helps with smooth healing.

Why Do I Need Second Touch Up Session

Many clients are happy with the results after the first session and think they do not need to touch up, which is wrong. During the second touch-up session, the Permanent Makeup Master will focus on analyzing healed results and pay attention to details. The second secession concentrates on perfecting the work, filling missing parts, and adding more color, this will prolong results and insure great final results.

Touch-up concentrates on improving:

  • color
  • density
  • shape

During the perfection procedure, we compare both eyebrows, if the brow is different or more intense we focus on the brow that needs to be corrected more. Many times it is due to the sleeping habits of the client, some people sleep on one side and it results in pigment loss.

How Long Ombre Powder Eyebrows Last

Permanent makeup for eyebrows should stay on the face for about 1,5-2 years after this time it should not be as visible, color eventually will fade. Correction work or color boost is recommended after a year. We refresh the shape and color.

Ombre Powder Eyebrows Correction

If eyebrows tattoo heals too cool we can add warmer color, remember that natural eyebrows are more greyish, we do not have naturally brown eyebrows. We rather stay on the cool side. In the opposite case if eyebrows heal too warm we can modify them with cooler pigment.

How to Choose The Right Color for Ombre Powder Brows

Powder eyebrows color mixing
Powder eyebrows color mixing

During the consultation, it is important to look at the client's style, hair, and makeup and assess their skin tone. Permanent makeup artists can paint the forehead with three colors to see how they look on the client’s skin and select the right color for the most personalized beauty look. It is important to keep in mind the client’s wishes and preferences.

The Best Pigment Color for Ombre Powder Eyebrows Tattoo

Permanent eyebrows pigment colors
Permanent eyebrows pigment colors

#1. Choose lighter pigment color

Always choose a lighter pigment shade, since the process of darkening is much easier than lightning. It is easier to darken a brown that has healed too light and easier to warm up a brow that has healed too cool. In general, it is important to avoid eyebrow pigments that have a blue base. If you have virgin eyebrows it is important to start with lighter colors. This way it won’t be a shocking experience and once you get used to the new look you can request a bolder look.

#2. Do not mix too many shades

Try not to mix too many shades. Judging the pigment base of any pigment may be difficult if the manufacturer does not provide a corresponding pigment base information sheet. Most manufacturers do provide pigment guideline charts. With the use of these modifiers, you can greatly reduce the number of brown pigments you maintain in your collection. If you want a cooler brown, you would add a small amount of the green modifier to a neutral brown color. A warmer brown would constitute adding a modifier that is red or orange.

#3. Chose warmer colors

Chose warmer colors. Usually, it is easier to cool the color than make it warmer. You can cool the color by adding some green or greyish pigments. Usually, most of the brands have color correctors in their lines. Green corrector or olive to neutralize orange, red, and orange to warm blueish eyebrows. You do not have to necessarily have to mix two browns to create another brown in your attempt to meet your client’s expectations. These modifiers are typically pigment colors that are more radically green, red, or yellow.

#4. Determine skin tone & type

When choosing a color we need to determine the type of the client’s skin. It is important to categorize the client into one of three skin types, this will help to determine what color to use. We have 3 skin types:

  • cool
  • neutral
  • warm

The most important pieces of information are to understand the base or undertone of the pigment color we are using as well as an undertone of one’s skin. Basic color theory teaches us that opposites on the color wheel neutralize.

#5 Do not mix different pigment brands

We do not mix pigments of different brands. It is not recommended to mix different brand pigments, because each brand has its own unique composition of ingredients.

Powder Eyebrows Healing Process

  • Intense color and redness right after treatment are normal. Do not worry.
  • Please remember that proper aftercare is as important as proper treatment
  • Please remove excess lymph from your eyebrows with a clean tissue. This will prevent large scabs from forming
  • After 4 days you can start applying a very thin layer of cream provided by the Artist. If you put a thicker layer of ointment it might cause faster pigment loss.
  • Please remember to clean your eyebrows before applying another layer of ointment. You will observe the final results after about 4-6 weeks.

Ombre Powder Brows are Effective at Faking Fuller Eyebrows

Powder Brows gives you a soft-shaded and transparent effect once it is healed. Generally, the Ombre Powder technique is easy to color correct. This procedure is beneficial for clients with virgin eyebrows, as well as those who have old permanent makeup eyebrows tattoo that faded enough to cover up with powder technique. We should see a transition from dense to more transparent color.

There are no documented side effects of machine powder eyebrows shading. This technique fades over time and works for everybody, even if you experience color changes in the pigment under the skin your brow specialist can fix it by covering it with color corrective pigments.

Gone are the days where we had to use brush and brow pomade to achieve perfect brows. Ombre Powder semi-permanent tattoo is super effective at faking fuller eyebrows!