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Ombre Powder Brows vs Microblading

Ombre powder brows tattooing
Ombre powder brows tattooing

You probably heard about Microblading before, it became very popular in last years, as a new semi-permanent eyebrows technique that looks more natural than traditional permanent eyebrow tattoo, that often after time looks unattractive and discolored.

The good news is that things have come a long way since those oversaturated tattooed eyebrows, that were popular in 80' and 90'.

What’s the Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows

Microblading creates fuller-looking eyebrows, the result is tiny hair-like strokes.

Powder Brows provides powdered makeup look.

Both treatments are a form of cosmetic tattooing, but there are significant differences between them. Skin type and retention play a major role while considering Microblading and Powder Brows technique.

Find out what is Microblading and discover the new Permanent Makeup Powder Brows technique, that often prior microblade clients find more suitable.

It is said that microblading is the newest technique and provides 100% of the natural effect. But do you know how the procedure looks like and what are real consequences?

Powder Brows vs Microblading

Powder Ombre Brows

  1. Less invasive, more gentle to the skin, no cuts
  2. The technique with the use of a machine designed to control the depth and single acupuncture needle
  3. Small risk of scarring
  4. You can do this treatment repeatedly throughout your lifetime
  5. Lasts longer, sometimes up to 2-3 years
  6. The technician creates a soft, natural look by creating depth instead of solid color on the whole surface
  7. Pain level none to mild
  8. Good for every skin type, even very oily


  1. The more invasive method, incisions in the skin to create a hair stroke
  2. The technique requires using a hand tool with a group of needles or blade
  3. Higher risk of scarring
  4. Every touch procedure involves more risk of scarring because pigment needs to get to previously pigmented incisions. Involves opening the skin in the same spots (strokes) to put more pigment.
  5. Faster pigment bleeding out and strokes blurring
  6. Natural look
  7. Higher pain level
  8. Recommended for dry to normal skin type

Microblading is a Completely Manual Method

Microblading incision stroking
Microblading incision stroking

For microblading technician is using a hand tool that resembles a pen with affixed grouping needles or a small razor blade. It slices your skin leaving tiny cuts to create hairlike strokes.

In this method, it is harder to control depth, pressure (requires a very skilled hand) and it can be more painful, also there is a much higher risk of scarring.

If you are prone to keloids, you are not a candidate for this treatment.

Incision and a Higher Risk of Scars after Microblading

Incisions are always micro-wounds in the skin, that appear as micro scars. Very often after the color fades they are more visible. It’s like cutting the skin, doesn't matter if it’s an eyebrow area or other parts of the body. That is why every touch-up procedure causes more damage to the skin.

Microblading does not last as long as Permanent Makeup. This is simply because a much smaller amount of pigment is inserted into the skin.

For clients with oily skin and larger pores microblading strokes fade and blur faster.

Red Eyebrows, Blue Eyebrows, Pigment Blurring after Microblading

After time mostly microbladed pigment blurs in the skin. Remember it’s inserted into the skin thru micro-wounds if it’s not done right it shows as the blurred stain in the blue or reddish shade.

The blue color might be visible because of too deep pigmentation in part of the skin reserved only for a tattoo. In every pigment, we have some blue undertones, so there’s always a risk that pigment will change over time, also cause of some chemical processes in the skin we might observe discoloration.

Please know that incisions never heal completely, that's why pigment blurs. In consequence instead of perfect strokes, you end up with thick lines.

The red color is a corollary of this process it just blurs in the thicker part of the skin.

If microblading is done with a too-light hand it will disappear in about 3 months, then there are more touch-up procedures with another incision… the more incisions the bigger risk of scarring. Each incision (also called a hair stroke) can be in different depths.

Remember microblading involves the use of tiny razor cuts, so bacterial infections and bleeding are not uncommon.

Since the procedure involves traumatizing the skin, if the client has problematic skin, the outcome will be unpredictable and most likely not ideal.

The technique of implanting pigment after creating fine incisions in the skin may date thousands of years back.

Nowadays, we have different options. People who are considering microblading should research extensively to make sure that the technician is experienced and remember about risks.

More People are Switching Over to Powder Brows Instead of Microblading

Women with powder brows tattoo
Women with powder brows tattoo

Many clients who previously had Microblading done, complain about bad retention and looking for a better solution, less invasive and more gentle to the skin without cuts.

Powder Brows is also Permanent Makeup but it's a totally different technique. In this technique, the surface of the skin is scratched with a single needle to deposit the color.

Hundreds of tiny dots of pigment are implanted into the skin which resembles a soft powder finish.

Since this treatment is more gentle to the skin, healing time is faster and more convenient.

For Permanent Makeup technician is using a machine created for gentle skin micropigmentation.

There are many kinds of devices, more and less precise. The difference between them we can observe mostly in retention, which is after healing that’s when we can estimate how much pigment stays in the skin.

Powdered Brows help clients to achieve a more makeup look, that still looks natural.

The Powder Brows technique unlike Microblading is better for clients with problematic skin and even very oily skin type. It provides a filled-in look that can be adjusted to look soft or more intense depending on your desired style.

Whether you have full, patchy, or no brows, the Powder Brow technique can accommodate.

Pigment Retention After Powder Brows

What is the best about Ombre Powder Brows is that you can do this treatment repeatedly throughout your lifetime and it lasts longer than Microblading. Just imagine being able to have perfect brows for years, that is the beauty of Powder Brows.