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Ombre Brows and Powder Brows NYC

Ombre powder brow nyc
Ombre powder brow nyc

Ombre Brows and Powder Brows NYC technique is suitable for every skin type and every age and provides natural effects.

Powdered brows help clients achieve more of a powdered ombre look instead of individual hair strokes.

Permanent Makeup Artist deposits the pigment with a single nanoneedle into the skin in hundreds of tiny dots that create an overall powder-like effect.

Both styles result in maintenance-free, beautiful brows and can be adjusted to look more soft or intense depending on your style and desired look.

How to Create Ombre Powder Brows

Every procedure starts with shape design. Before the drawing process, it is important to clean the skin with antiseptic products to disinfect the treated area and remove any makeup.

The next step is plucking or shaving the eyebrows, that stick out from the design. We shouldn't draw on uneven eyebrows, because it makes it harder for pencil application.

Pre-drawing needs to be very precise, there is no rush and Permanent Makeup Artist should take time to check you also in a sitting position. It is strongly advised to stand behind the client to check the shape in the mirror from their perspective.

Eyebrows Shaping

ombre powder brows drawing
Ombre Powder Brows drawing

Drawing is the most important part of the procedure. For pre-drawing, we use a brow pencil, usually in a darker color, and nude pencil or concealer to outline.

Some Artists like to use surgical markers to reassure their design stays even after wiping off the pigment.

The final effect has to be visualized to a client and accepted. Some tools, like rulers, pre-inked mapping string, or stickers could be used to check symmetry.

It is important to mark vertical and horizontal lines, as well as the beginning and the end of eyebrows.

We can’t forget about the arch of the eyebrows, it is recommended to follow the natural shape as much as possible.

Does Pre-numbing Affect Pigmentation

Some technicians prefer pre-numbing the skin before drawing, while others like to focus on drawing first since it takes time and affects the effectiveness of topical anesthetic, also it is harder to draw on previously numbed skin.

Topical numbing creams change the structure of the skin which makes drawing and pigmentation harder. The perfect scenario would be using only a second anesthetic for open skin after the first pass.

For most of the clients that are not super sensitive to pain this proposal is acceptable since their skin will be numb in a few minutes, just right after the first pass.

We don't create any cuts in the skin, so discomfort is minimal. From a technical point of view, it is the best and fastest way to achieve proper pigment density and not lose a perfectly drawn shape.

Ombre Powder Brows Colors

It is good to check the pigment colors on the client's forehead to compare the shades and color match to the clients' skin tone.

Usually, especially in oily skin, all pigments heal cooler. Please remember that pigment colors look different after healing.

Especially, if it is your first application lighter pigment choice will look more natural and you won’t experience brow shock!

Ombre Brows and Powder Brows Healing Process

Right after the procedure pigment oxidizes in the skin and looks much darker. Eyebrows look sharp and drawn in, this will pass once your skin starts to flake off, which is after a few days.

You will lose some pigment with scabs and after healing your eyebrows will look more natural. Everyone goes differently through this process. Most of the clients need a touch-up after a few weeks, while some have great retention only after one application.

Right Speed and Depth

During the procedure, the handle of the device should be held vertically and the other hand fingers should stretch the skin. The technician should work with the same speed from the tail to the front of the eyebrows. It is good to start from the tail of the eyebrow.

Each skin is different and could react differently during micro-pigmentation, that is why it is important to check the progress and adjust the pressure accordingly.

The thickness of the epidermis varies on each part of the eyebrows, what is more, it varies from client to client. Some skins are harder to work with, while others take pigment very fast.

Apply the Second Anesthetic

After the first pass, the skin starts to react with swelling and irritation it is time to use secondary anesthetic cream, to calm down the skin.

Most of the anesthetic contains lidocaine to numb the tissue, perform nerve block and decrease the bleeding, some creams contain small amounts of adrenaline or epinephrine.

The white area after the use of anesthetic cream shows when blood vessels are closed. The pressure should be adjusted to every client's skin individually. It is good to wipe the eyebrow after each pass to check the pigmentation process.

The front part is tricky and color should be less intensive unless the client requests a bolder look. We have to build the density of the brow by the layering of the pigment.

Powder Brows and Ombre Brows Trend

Ombre eyebrows nyc
Ombre eyebrows nyc

Both permanent eyebrows techniques are the newest and most requested trends.

What we love about them is that they create a very natural and fresh brow henna look that frames the face beautifully and fades over time.

This process could be repeated throughout a lifetime because of a special dotting technique that is gentle on the skin.