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Introducing Microblading in NYC In A New Light

Brunette with eyebrows microblading
Brunette with eyebrows microblading

Permanent makeup is having a moment right now it is very popular. Whether you don’t feel like filling your eyebrows or simply they never grew back, cosmetic tattooing can be an easy solution for perfectly groomed brows. The term Microblading is fairly colloquial these days and can cause much confusion.

What is Microblading exactly? Microblading is one of the Permanent Makeup eyebrows techniques to implement the pigment in the skin. This technique is different from other eyebrows tattooing techniques because it is fully manual, it uses a special pen with a group of needles to create hair strokes. While for Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, or Microshading Brows technique we use a digital machine.

What is Brow Embroidery?

Big bold brows are one of Hollywood's hottest red carpet looks. Now there is a new way to get that look that is more superficial and not as quite long-lasting as tattooing - it’s called microblading a semi-permanent makeup to mimic tiny eyebrow hairs. Microblading is an embroidery of strokes that mimic real hairs. This eyebrows tattooing technique is a high-demand service. While there are several eyebrow products there is only one option to get permanent results.

Microblading vs Tattoo

Old eyebrows tattoos used to be one single line now eyebrows Microblading is hugely popular that's actually a hand-painted strokes technique, that doesn't last long as traditional tattoos. When done right, can bring a significant eyebrows improvement and quality of people’s life. This treatment restores clients' confidence and self-love. Microblading is great for creating realistic-looking brows and is a very popular method of permanent makeup.


When we start a consultation, we immediately start profiling the client when they are talking to observe their muscle movements, especially when they smile. We have strong muscles in our foreheads so it is important to see, any asymmetry and how much asymmetry. It is important to give results that the client can maintain. We use string for eyebrows mapping to check symmetry, we make points with a pencil or marker to connect the brow shape.

How Microblading is Done?

The process starts with sketching the eyebrows with a pencil before starting tattooing, anesthetic is added during the treatment for skin numbing, then tiny scratches are made in the skin with pigment that fades over time. The actual microblading starts when we place a needle in the pigment and then on the skin to create fine lines, then we follow the pre-drawn shape. The first pass is the first strokes we pass through the eyebrow. When a client has asymmetry it is more important to create something natural that has more symmetry than clients come with. If not done right it could make brows look much worse. The obvious risks are infection and scarring, but in most cases, it doesn’t happen.

What To Expect After Microblading?

You may expect perfect eyebrows after your first appointment, but realistically it can take a few meetings to reach your ideal brows. Please always keep in mind that permanent makeup is at least a two-step process. Initially, strokes will look sharp and dark, once pigment heals in the skin eyebrows will soften and look lighter.

How Much is Microblading?

The Microblading procedure costs anywhere from $500-1600 for the first session. The price depends on the studio location, the artist's skills, and the products used. Microblading like any other permanent makeup treatment is a process that requires a touch-up after 4-8 weeks from the first session.

How Long Does It Last?

Microblading lasts 1-3 years, which some say is priceless because your mornings will be a lot quicker. Results depend on many factors like your skin's ability to heal, skin type, lightfastness, and health because some health problems can cause faster pigment loss.

How Microblading Works?

Microblading is not suitable for people with oily skin because the oil in the skin starts to spread the ink out and the stroke no longer looks like a sharp stroke, it just a blot of ink. Some clients observe that microblading doesn't fade and actually looks darker somehow, indicating that the procedure was done too deep.

Does Microblading Cause Eyebrow Scars?

Microblading is basically a micro-cut in the skin, so the bigger the cut the more traumatized the skin is and the longer it takes to heal. Many times when the stroke is not the same depth the entire time, for example, the stroke is done deeper in the middle part, that's why the top and bottom part shrinks faster. If you are prone to keloid scarring you should speak with your service provider about Microshading Brows. In this technique, strokes are pigmented with a single nano needle. This treatment is less invasive and gives natural results.

How Long Microblading Takes?

The Procedure takes 2-3 hours and heals about a month, in terms of maintenance you have to clean it several times during the day for two weeks, you also have to initially avoid things like sweating or sunbathing. If you wash your face and your eyebrows disappear this treatment can change your life. Pain level depends on your pain threshold, in most cases feels like a small pinch.


The best part of Microblading NYC is that you wake up with thicker fuller brows. What people don’t realize is that you still need to fill in your brows if you wear full-face glamorous makeup. Microblading gives shape to your eyebrows. Remember that you will have to get them done more than once, go back for a second round to achieve the best results. Once an artist gets to know you, your skin, and your face it is easier to give you a perfect shape and color. The second time they look better and the third time they look perfect. When the ink heals in the skin it does change, you should be prepared that color fades over time and it is a normal process. Microblading fades faster than Ombre or Powder Brows technique because less pigment stays in the skin. It also depends on the ink type, skin type, lifestyle, health, and products used.