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Fall In Love With Lip Blush Before And After

Before and after Lip Blush NYC
Before and after Lip Blush NYC

Lip Blush is a fabulous lip tattoo treatment that gives soft contour and blush. This amazing permanent makeup technique includes full lip color that looks subtle after healing and is a lip game changer.

We apply pigment with a tip of a single acupuncture needle, precisely layer by layer until we see color. In the first session, less is more, we focus on creating a nice base. This way you get to know the healing process and we see how your skin heals. On the second appointment, we add more color based on your needs, we check the shape and correct whatever needs to be corrected.

Please understand that a lip tattoo is not like a traditional tattoo and you need to follow recommendations strictly. Don’t be afraid to choose bright colors since lip blush heals soft and gives a healthy glow to your lips.

Is Lip Blush right for you?

If you don’t feel comfortable with your lips and constantly reapply lipstick this treatment can change your life.

Lip blush won’t make your lips bigger, but adding some color gives an illusion of plumped lips. This treatment is beneficial also for those with cool-toned lips which we color correct to neutralize dark tones.

Many clients have hidden beautiful lip shapes that we don’t see due to lack of color.

Why do people get their lips tattooed?

Any beauty procedure takes time and is a process. We believe that a lip tattoo is worth the wait.

Many clients feel insecure about their lips, after the procedure they have amazing color all the time!

Some clients have significant discoloration, others complain about scars and white spots on their lips. I see also clients who notice color loss due to aging.

Many times clients who get lip fillers are noticing a color loss at the vermillion border. They are tired of lipstick coming off right after a meal or drink. They hide their imperfections even before close family.

Will my lips look normal the next day?

A fresh tattoo is very different from a healed tattoo. After lip blush color looks quite intense, color fades during the exfoliation process and fades by 50% of the initial color. Lips tend to swell after the procedure.

Can you improve my lip shape?

Lip contour before lip blush
Lip contour before lip blush

All cosmetic tattoos are done only after precise pre-drawing and the client's approval of the shape. We work with your natural shape it is wise to not venture over a natural lip border to avoid unnatural results. We can improve the shape and lip contour to some point.

Unforgivable sins in lip tattooing

Incorrect lip tattoo outline
Incorrect lip tattoo outline

Correctly applied lip color will add definition and symmetry. Clients often ask can we go outside the lipline. The answer is: yes, but only 1-2mm.

The skin on the lips is not the same as on the face and things can look unnatural or get unpredictable when we tattoo too far outside the natural lip border. Please choose your service provider wisely.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation of lips is a very common issue for many people, it is associated with melanin production in the skin, it can be caused by sun exposure.

Clients prone to hyperpigmentation require more work, which sometimes means few appointments because they have worse pigment retention. This is a very different process for every person that involves color blending and camouflaging.

How to prepare for the lip blush appointment?

Those with herpes/cold sore history should contact a doctor to obtain antiviral medication before lip tattooing. The skin must be prepared for the procedure. We advise gentle peeling for 7 days before the procedure and moisturizing lips.