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A Guide to Powder Brows At Any Age

Powder brows before and after
Powder brows before and after

There is currently a huge demand for natural-looking, full and youthful eyebrows by women of New York, New Jersey, Long Island at any age. Powder eyebrows tattoo continues to gain popularity all over the world.

Dermopigmentation today is not what it used to be, with advanced devices, education, and training available, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo treatment is reaching new standards.

The pigment is deposited into the skin in hundreds of tiny dots that create a powder-like effect. Healed results remind powdered brows. Density depends on clients’ preferences as the color can be build up by adding more layers of the pigment. The powder brows technique ages and fades nicely.

Are Powder Brows a Tattoo?

If you don’t have any tattoos, the process might seem to be scary. Powder Brows differs from traditional tattooing because the pigment application is not as deep as a normal tattoo, more on the surface of the skin.

Ombre Brows shading is a new eyebrows styling technique that uses a small permanent makeup machine to implement pin-dots of pigment into the skin that creates a soft brow pencil look.

Ombre style means creating a powdery look with a faded front and crispier tail of the eyebrow. We don’t make visible lines and make sure pigment is not oversaturated for natural results.

Is Powder Brows Method Safe?

There are no documented side effects of machine powder eyebrows shading. This technique fades over time and works for everybody. Even if you experience color changes in the pigment under the skin your brow specialist can fix it by covering it with color corrective pigments.

How To Make Ombre Powder Brows

With Ombre Powder Eyebrows we don't create strong beginnings of the eyebrows, the harsh front will concentrate attention on the middle portion of the face. If a client complains about an uneven nose or sharp features, it would make it more visible.

The eyebrows’ beginnings should always be soft and delicate. Our goal is to balance the face with permanent makeup.

Does Ombre Powder Brows Hurt?

The Ombre Powder Brows tattooing procedure is not painful. Most clients don’t need pre-numbing creams. We implement pigment gently layer by layer, by scratching the skin with the needle tip.

When skin is irritated and scratched we apply numbing agent, to avoid any discomfort.

What to Expect Immediately After Procedure?

It is normal to experience some minimal swelling and skin redness immediately after the procedure. For the first days, the pigment will appear much darker, once it peels it will look lighter. Brows will fade 30-50% once healed. After 4 weeks pigment is more visible.

Stages Of Powder Brows Healing

Eyebrows color fades within a few days of the healing process as the upper layers of the epidermis peel and is replaced by epidermal cells. Healing on the surface of the skin takes 7-10 days, full skin healing in deeper layers takes about 30 days.

How Long Powder Eyebrows Last?

Permanent makeup for eyebrows should stay on the face for about 1,5-2 years after this time it should not be as visible, color eventually will fade.

Correction work or color boost is recommended after a year. We refresh the shape and color.

Powder Eyebrows Correction

The final effect depends on skin type and how well skin responds to tattooing. If eyebrows tattoo heals too cool we can add warmer color, remember that natural eyebrows are more greyish, we do not have naturally brown eyebrows. We rather stay on the cool color side. In the opposite case if eyebrows heal too warm we can modify them with cooler pigment.

How much Does It Cost?

Ombre Powder Brows tattooing service, including microblading, micro shading costs between $550-1600 per session depending on area and providers experience.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

We reserve about 3 hours for the procedure, it is important to have a consultation before we start and get to know clients’ expectations.

Many times drawing part takes the longest because we need to take measurements of eyebrows and create the perfect eyebrows shape, as much symmetrical as possible. We need to analyze face features and show how we could improve the shape.

Once the client accepts the drawing, we chose the color of the pigment. Actual tattooing time depends on the skin pigment absorption ability and how intense eyebrows color the client desires.

Generally putting more pigment layers takes more time. The artist should never rush while tattooing. The Client’s and Permanent Makeup Master’s safety must be a priority.

Can I get my Touch Up Sooner?

We schedule a touch-up session once pigment fully settles into the skin. The skin renewal process takes about 28 days, however in older clients takes longer. It is important to wait at least 4 weeks to prevent scarring or skin damage.