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How Much Does Permanent Makeup Costs in NYC

This is a very often asked question since we see various prices for this treatment on the market. Cost is a major consideration for many clients looking for this procedure. The reality is that cosmetic tattooing should cost a few hundred dollars. If the price is low beware! The lowest price doesn’t mean the same quality of the service, remember it has to be performed under legal health and safety requirements.

Women with eyebrows microblading
Women with eyebrows microblading

What is Included in The Price

Make sure what is included in the price doesn’t always include a touch-up visit, many technicians charge for each appointment separately.

Remember the second visit is required to check healed results and make some adjustments. A follow-up visit after 4-8 weeks cost is much lower than Initial sessions since it requires less work unless you have an old tattoo that needs color correction, reshaping, or removal. In this case, it might take more visits and patience.

Sterility and Safety

Especially in this industry higher costs often mean a higher quality of service. Before the procedure technician should show you singly packed equipment and unpack it in front of you.

Disposable sheets, gloves, bibs, headcover, and plastic barriers are required. Sterile and sanitary business procedures costs are significant, we can’t forget about licensing and proper insurance. Professional equipment, surroundings, and of course constant training. This is standard care in this industry.

The cost of permanent makeup in New York for a single procedure in a legit place varies between couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, this usually doesn’t include a follow-up visit.

Some technicians charge as much as a couple of hundred dollars per hour for advance work. The price should include topical anesthetic cream to minimize discomfort during the procedure and aftercare ointment.

Permanent Makeup Techniques and Skills

We have different kinds of tools and machines for permanent makeup, best quality devices provide better-healed results. Prices vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars, of course, a lot depends on the Permanent Makeup Artist technique of stretching the skin, correct hand movement, and pressure.

Make sure the technician took hands-on training since there is a lot of online courses that provide certification and some states have no regulations at all. Properly working devices won’t cause trauma to the skin and decrease the risk of scarring.

Permanent Makeup Quality Device

We use the machine with the unique magnetic motor to ensure super exact needle guidance – for micro-pigmentation which is particularly gentle on the skin. Where other PMU devices may need to apply more pressure for the color to penetrate the skin and thereby potentially affecting it.

The precision PMU device consists of an electronic safety microcontroller. The safety controller ensures a precise, quiet, and balanced micro-pigmentation process, as well as short color injection times. Furthermore, the device has an integrated ink flow and the pigments are filled into sterile disposable modules (no unhygienic dipping in open color pots).

The special vertical lift mechanism allows an even and calm application. When not in use, the pigmentation needle automatically retracts into the disposable module thereby preventing any risk of injury. The disposable module ensures pigmentation in compliance with the highest hygiene provisions.

Permanent Makeup Studio Location

Location is a major consideration that determines the permanent cosmetics service prices if the area or city is more expensive automatically the costs are higher. The work should be done in a private room, without any contaminants like nail dust or hair spray.

Permanent Makeup Artist NYC

Please notice that Permanent makeup and microblading is a form of tattooing. You will not only be wearing this look for many years, but it also needs some maintenance and an annual refreshment, so it is good to find a Technician that you will feel comfortable with, whose aesthetics you like, and who will give you a long-lasting look in a safe environment.

Get it right the first time because any corrections are more complicated. Make sure the communication is good between you and the Technician and you both have the same goals in mind.

Permanent Makeup Touch-up Sessions

Touch up sessions and annual refreshment visits price depends on pigment fading. Retention is a very individual thing, something that neither the technician nor the client can control. Usually many places provide some discounted rates for loyal clients. Touch up procedure many times needs the same amount of work as Initial sessions, we can’t skip pre-drawing or numbing the skin, with this procedure any rush is not recommended.