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Does Permanent Makeup Last Forever

Long lasting permanent makeup
Long lasting permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup we can say it is a form of a delicate tattoo, we call it a cosmetic tattoo. In many cases, the result depends on the skin, technique, and pigment used. We say it is long-lasting makeup because the pigment is implanted in the skin.

How Long Permanent Makeup Lasts

Permanent makeup stays in the skin from 1-5 years. Results depend on technique, a device used and pigment choice, also individual body reaction and exfoliation in the skin.

Permanent Makeup usually fades slowly, and if it is not refreshed it can disappear completely. However, it takes a really long time.

It could fade completely only when micropigmentation wasn’t too deep and the pigment is not much saturated.

Does Permanent Makeup Fade

If the skin was pigmented deep with the use of dark pigments like black, it will last for a very long time. For example, a black pigment used for permanent eyeliner will be visible for many years and there’s no guarantee it will fade over time completely. Many times carbon black stays forever on the eyelid.

In lip permanent makeup fading process goes faster, and if there are some pigment traces, they might be unnoticeable, however, if permanent makeup artist decided to use dark pigment it will be visible much longer than natural shades. A new generation in lip permanent makeup goes into more natural colors and gentle superficial tattooing techniques like, lip blush or aquarelle lips.


Permanent makeup requires some maintenance, a yearly touch-up is highly recommended to refresh the shape and color.

Good work will show your beauty and it’s a great investment in yourself.

To make it always look fabulous it needs to be refreshed to keep this perfect shape, color, and quality.